Virtual Strategy Consultation

Strategy Session
30 minutes @ $80.00
During this 30 minutes session via phone, we will discuss the best ways to approach your identified challenges.
To help guide you, we have included a basic intake form. It's easy... read, respond and submit.

While many insurance plans cover nutritional counseling, many plans have limitations.  If you are truly looking for long-term behavior change, consider a package to save you some money while allowing you to reach your goals.  Because for most people accountability and following up are such a huge piece of the success puzzle, this might be exactly what you need to commit yourself.  No matter which package you choose, the education, support and accountability I provide will be the key to your success. 

During the first session, I will conduct a full health assessment, and based on your goals, we will select a package with a plan that we design together, to get you started on your way to a healthy lifestyle.  Follow-up appointments allow us to tweak things as needed and keep you accountable and focused.  You will also receive support via email, as well as feedback on your food intake, healthy vitals, and compliance as needed, in between appointments.